Potential clients often ask us what the cheapest corporate headshot option is. We tell them a selfie is the cheapest option if their business profiles are unimportant to them.

Cutting corners and saving a few pounds is not a good idea when it comes to your business’s social media. This is where potential employers and clients will see you for the first time, and this is where you make your first impression. You need to get this right, as what does a selfie say about you instead of a professional corporate headshot? A selfie says you are not interested in projecting a professional image, and this sends out warning signals to a client or employer. OK, you have saved a few pounds, but is it worth it? No, and no again. Selfies are fine for sharing with friends and family, but they do not belong on corporate websites or on your LinkedIn profile page.

When we are asked what the cheapest corporate headshot option is, We reply that a decent corporate headshot captured in a corporate portrait photographer’s studio is not the cheapest option, but it is the right option. A cheap selfie says all the wrong things about it and makes you look cheap. A professional corporate headshot makes you look professional.

We advise potential clients to look around at the different professional corporate headshot options. These can vary from £150 to £400 depending on where the corporate portrait photographers studio is based in London. Please don’t go on prices. First, check out their portfolios and decide on a photographer with a style you like. You can then discuss what you want the corporate headshot for and how you want to appear in the photograph. This will depend on which business sector you work in. You must appear very formal and traditional if you work in the legal or financial sectors. If you work in management, you must appear approachable but still in traditional business attire. If you work in social media or marketing, you can appear less traditional and more on-trend. Discuss this with your professional corporate photographer; you will look professional in your affordable corporate headshot.

What is the cheapest corporate headshot option?

What is the cheapest corporate headshot option? A selfie is the cheapest, but that would not make you look professional.