Many people ask us what is the best kind of corporate headshot? This all depends on which business sector you work in.

If you work in the legal or financial sectors, you want to appear very reliable and serious in your corporate headshot. This is because you are dealing with your client’s legal problems or financial affairs, and you need to look professional and responsible. We suggest a very formal corporate headshot where you are dressed in traditional business attire. Men in a suit with a white shirt and a subtle tie. The suit has to be toned down and ideally tailored. For women, we suggest the same traditional business attire and keeping jewellery to a minimum. Your corporate headshot should be taken at a portrait photographer’s studio using professional lighting and with a white or dark background. ¬†Here are some more tips on our corporate headshot wardrobe guide.

If you work in marketing or social media, you want to appear more approachable and friendly in your corporate headshot. As this is a less traditional business sector, you can dress down a little in your corporate headshot. We have seen clients wanting different versions where they are not wearing a tie or a jacket. Also, you can appear more approachable, so plenty of smiling and looking more relaxed and less formal. Here, you can have a variety of backgrounds, whether it’s a busy office behind you or a view of the city you work in. You know your clients and why they use you, so let this be reflected in your corporate headshot.

If you are in management, you need to look formal but open to communication in your corporate headshot. Here, we would suggest you are smiling with a suit on. You have to appeal to everyone. Staff, clients and employer so look well presented and we suggest a busy office background so you are in your working environment. You need to look like one of the team, so have people in the background but out of focus so they can’t be recognised. These are just elements showing you are busy and working.

The image below is a reportage corporate headshot. This style is excellent if you want to look like you are working and communicating.

Reportage meeting action corporate headshot.

Reportage meeting action corporate headshot.