Frequently Asked Questions

Can we see photography case studies and an example portfolio?2021-08-10T16:44:28+01:00

Yes, do click here (insert case studies link) to find out how well we have serviced our previous clients and images of our work can be found all over our website.

What happens if we need to cancel or postpone the shoot?2021-08-26T21:32:25+01:00

Just liaise with us and we can make sure the shoot is rescheduled at a better time that works for you but we will need 24 hours notice.

Do I have to come to a studio?2021-08-26T21:32:48+01:00

No. Having an onsite photography shoot at work will still guarantee the same high standard and quality you would expect from a studio.

Who is my contact prior and during the shoot?2021-08-10T16:43:30+01:00

When you book the shoot, Grantly Lynch will be your liaison and he will advise who will be there on the day to take the photos.

Do you retouch photos?2021-08-10T16:43:12+01:00

We believe that images should be a true likeness of the subject but we can offer digital make up and removal of shadows or unwanted blemishes. Think you on a good day.

Will I need hair and make up services before the shoot?2021-08-26T21:33:14+01:00

No, happy for you to have make up and hair, but we use photo editing to give you the best look possible.

Will I get an electronic copy of the photos to use as we see fit?2021-08-26T21:33:58+01:00

Yes these are yours to keep and replicate throughout your business. Full licence to use in any media.

How quickly will we see our photos?2021-08-26T21:34:16+01:00

Our service is quick and efficient and you can expect to see your images in 24 hours.

Should all corporate photos be taken in a suit?2021-08-10T16:41:43+01:00

The rule book on work wear has been thrown out in recent years, that said these images will be around for a long time so you will want to look at them and feel proud of how you were presented.

What message does my clothing convey?2021-08-10T16:41:24+01:00

Our view is that people should always be authentic in their images so it is best that photos show them as they are day to day. People buy [people and your clients want to see genuine images of you comfortable and relaxed.

Is it best to have photos taken in a studio or in our office?2021-08-10T16:41:04+01:00

They’re really is no need to take valuable time out of your day to come to a studio. We will set everything up at your place of work so that shots are taken in a well planned manner.

I want natural style fly on the wall photography, what is that called?2021-08-10T16:40:42+01:00

There are lots of terms that encompass this type of photography, reportage being the most well known. You can also request documentary style, non posed action shots and we will know what you want.

I have 20 people flying in next week, can you fit us in for a shoot?2021-08-10T16:40:19+01:00

Try us. We can call on a team of vetted professional photographers quickly to meet your needs. We make it a priority to work to your schedule.

I hate having my photo taken, will it take long?2021-08-10T16:39:57+01:00

We plan our shoots to minimise disruption to your working day. Our team knows that some dislike having their photo taken and create a shoot where all feel at ease carried out quickly and efficiently.

How can I make my business look professional in photos?2021-08-10T16:39:32+01:00

Our aim is to capture genuine images that convey who your business is. We take care of the lighting and will offer suggestions on locations in your premises that will provide a great backdrop for corporate imagery

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