Location commissions for clients who require a headshot with a London backdrop.

London City Linkedin Headshots

London location portrait photographs Westminster


LinkedIn location London headshots The City


London location corporate headshots at St Pauls

London location headshots The Strand



City portrait photography St Pauls London



London location headshot for LinkedIn in The West End

London location headshot in Queen Victoria Street

London location portrait photography in The City

London Linkedin Headshots with St Pauls

London location headshot in The West End

London location headshot in Temple Bar


London location headshots and portraits in Euston Road


London City location headshots for LinkedIn

We can suggest the best areas to take this style of headshot and can incorporate the London background in a subtle way so the portrait does not look like a tourist snap. We can also suggest a London feel to the headshot by adding small elements of architecture or certain landmarks.

We charge different corporate photography rates for this service as it depends on the location and what you require from the shoot. A typical shoot is 30-45 minutes and gives you at least 5 different styles/backgrounds.

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