We are looking at different places where you can utilise your new professional corporate headshot. So, you have made the wise decision to commission a professional portrait photographer to capture a quality corporate headshot, and now let’s look at where you can utilise your newly commissioned corporate headshot. Firstly, on your LinkedIn profile page. As we have discussed in earlier posts, your LinkedIn profile page is your business shopfront, and anything you can do to make yourself look more professional here is a positive step. Remember, when you have your new corporate headshot taken, ask the photographer not to crop in too tight as you want to use your pro corporate headshot in different places, and you can’t crop out if the crop is too tight. So, on your LinkedIn profile page, the headshot appears quite small at 400 x 400 pixels in the top left corner, so you will need to crop in so you are only seeing your head and part of your shoulders.

Another suggestion is your company website’s ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ pages. Here, you might need to fit in with the company’s current style of corporate headshot. On these pages, the images can appear much bigger than on LinkedIn, and you will need a wider crop. Also, when you are having your corporate headshot captured, ask the professional portrait photographer to capture different stances and expressions. Also, get some corporate headshots with jackets on and off and formal and casual stances so you can select a corporate headshot to fit in and be consistent with your company’s website page.

Our last suggestion is to use it as your Microsoft Teams profile picture. Many people choose to use an avatar, but when it comes to business, people like to look at the person they are talking to. Put a face to the name!

Corporate headshot for company profile page.

Corporate headshot for a company profile page.

Corporate headshot for use on LinkedIn profile page.

Corporate headshot for use on a LinkedIn profile page.