Here is how to get your corporate headshot taken properly.

You have three options when getting a new corporate headshot. Sadly, only one will make you look like a professional.

Your first option is to get a friend or partner to take your corporate headshot. Unless your friend or partner is a professional corporate portrait photographer, the results will not look professional. They might have brought a new camera and be willing to have a go. But on your company website or LinkedIn profile page your corporate headshot is your business shop front so why risk giving a bad first impression. The problem is the first thing a potential client sees when visiting your companies ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ page is your corporate headshot. Get that wrong and it does not matter how much effort you have put into the text people will get the wrong impression of you as your corporate headshot has not been taken by a professional photographer.

Your second option is to take a selfie. If you never ever follow any of our suggestions, please make this the exception. Selfies are fine for social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but never use them as a corporate headshot on a corporate website. They are a massive mistake to say the least. When you take a selfie your arm is extended to hold the camera and this puts your head at an odd angle. Your background can be very wrong. I saw on corporate headshot where the gentleman had taken a selfie on holiday and it had a picture of an ice cream van in the background.

How to get your corporate headshot taken properly. The third option. Go to a professional corporate portrait photographer. It is going to cost you between £150 to £300 but it’s going to be worth it the long run. They will have professional digital camera with a quality portrait lens. They will have proper studio lighting which will soften any shadows on your face. They will have a good range of background options. White is the most common for corporate websites but darker colours are becoming popular as they make your corporate headshot stand out. They will do a good range of poses and expressions so you have a decent selection to choose from. So option three if you want to know how to get your corporate headshot taken properly.

How to get your corporate headshot taken properly.

How to get your corporate headshot taken properly.