In this post, we are discussing what is the best background for your corporate headshot.

There are three main options for your background. The first one is a plain colour background. This is normally captured in the corporate photographer’s studio or with a mobile studio set up in your London offices. The most common is a plain white background, which works well on your About Us or Meet the Team website page. 95% of the corporate headshots we capture for our clients are on a white background, as these can also be used for individuals’ LinkedIn profile photos. We use a colourama white background roll or a pop-up background depending on how far we have to carry equipment to London offices. The white colourama roll is better as you can roll a fresh background out each time, and it has no marks or wrinkles on it. The pop-up background is lighter to carry but can have the odd crease, which we later photoshop out. We also can shoot your corporate headshot with a dark background as this looks more unusual and, therefore, makes your headshot stand out from the majority captured on the white background.

The second option is to have an office scene as your background. This shows you in a working environment, and it is best to have the office background slightly blurred so that the person still stands out from the background. By having the office backdrop out of focus and blurry, you can hide any mess or things you would prefer potential clients not to see.

The third option is to have your corporate headshot captured with a cityscape as your background. As we work in London, our corporate headshots have areas of the City in the background, and we have suggestions where we advise clients it will be best to capture a cityscape background. The view of St. Paul’s from the South Bank works very well as a backdrop as it instantly shows you work in London. We also suggest certain areas of south London which give great views into the City.

St Paul's as a background for your corporate headshot which shows you work in London.

St Paul’s as a background for your corporate headshot, which shows you work in London.