Here are the three main options on where to get an affordable corporate headshot in London.

The first option is to have your corporate headshot captured outside with a London cityscape as your background. Your headshot photographer will not have to hire a photographic studio or bring large studio lighting for the shoot. We would suggest that they bring some off-camera flash to cancel out any facial shadows that the daylight might cause. Just because this is the most affordable type of corporate headshot, do not think that it will be the least effective. If the commission is completed in the correct way, you can end up with a very stylish corporate headshot that makes you look like a City professional. Please choose your cityscape background carefully, though. It must relate to your business and not look like a tourist destination. So avoid Big Ben of the London Eye. Focus more on The City of London district and with well-known commercial buildings behind you.

Another option when looking where to get an affordable corporate headshot in London is at your offices. Your London office or home can work well as, again, you are not paying to hire a London photographic studio. Your portrait photographer can bring his studio lights and a white background and set all his kit up in your offices. It is also very handy for you as you will not have to travel across London and lose time out of your working day. You can arrange a time with the photographer who will come into your offices, and it will take around 15 minutes to set up the mobile studio, and then you can get a high-quality corporate headshot captured in approx 20 mins. We would suggest that whilst the photographer is with you to, ask them to take a good variation with different facial expressions and stances so you have a good variety to select from.

The last option is the least affordable, and this would be going to a photographic studio to have your corporate headshot captured. The obvious reason is that the photographer is having to pay a large rent to have a London studio and this will be passed on to what he charges you!

Where to get an affordable corporate headshot in London.

London corporate headshot with St Pauls background