Post-production offer during Lockdown. Helping clients maintain the standard of their headshots during the Covid crisis.

We have talked before about how we have helped some clients with their headshots during the Covid crisis. During the first lockdown, we only did post-production work for clients and when the rules were relaxed a little we completed a few headshot shoots at our studio and in clients London offices with social distancing and PPE. As we move into this new lockdown, we are once again unable to offer headshot sessions and have to turn to other methods to support clients.

The plan is to offer existing and new clients a discounted post-production service that will allow them to maintain their marketing requirements until we can get back to actual commissions. This service will include working in clients own headshots that they have taken with their phone or cameras. Balancing these images and reducing red-eye which is caused by having the flash too close to the lens so the light bounces off the back of the eyeball and you get that nasty red glow in the headshot. We can also lighten shadows under people’s eyes as these often occur when headshots are captured using overhead office lighting. Another issue can be low-quality photo resolution. So we upgrade the image’s file size and crop to match their current website profile pictures. The majority of corporate headshots are taken with a white backdrop, and we can also remove the original background and drop in a new white background all include in our post-production offer.

Another post-production offer is that we have a good supply of London cityscapes and we can drop these into clients old headshots. This gives a tired or poorly captured headshot a whole new dimension. The original headshot can be captured anywhere inside or outside. With many years of photoshop work, we can subtly cut out the person and drop them onto any London cityscapes. We do not have individual London buildings on file, but we have general views across The City and West End.

Headshot with London cityscape background added in post-production.

Headshot with London cityscape background added in post-production.

If you would like to make use of our new post-production offer, please email  with the highest resolution version of your headshot and please list any of your requirements.