What is the future for Corporate Photography in 2021?

DSC 62Corporate Photography London 2021

Here we are at the start of the working week in 2021. Depending on your business sector things are going to be a lot different for some businesses. We felt the slow down at the beginning of 2020 with the Brexit talks, and then the Covid struck, and our corporate photography business came to a standstill. As we look forward, we see small signs of positive measures to control Covid, although the current rise in cases is alarming.

With this degree of uncertainty and the damage that the lockdown has done to the economy, we will not see a sudden influx in corporate photography commissions. We have decided to focus on our social media platforms and keeping our profile in front of existing and potential clients. We tend to focus on our blogging for longer articles and use LinkedIn to offer discounts and help people with the best ideas to assist them with their Corporate Photography in 2021. Having been kept fairly busy during the first lockdown with clients who were employing new people but could not update their headshots in our traditional way. They would send us mobile phone photos, and we would enhance them the best we could and add them onto a more corporate background, so they matched in on their About Us website page.

As we have been writing this, we have just received an email from a client saying that as London was still in Tier 4, they would need to postpone our corporate photography shoot later this week. It is very frustrating but also completely understandable. The client she would be back in touch with us in the Spring, which is positive. We read on the BBC website that cases of Covid had begun to fall in London so let us all keep busy and hang on for better times.