The importance of using a good quality Linkedin profile photo.

As we come to the end of the first week of the 2021 lockdown we can safely say that our corporate photography service is struggling. The majority of our clients are based in The City and West End of London, and very few of them are going into town to work, and under guidelines, they are working from home. We have spent this time working on our marketing and promoting the post-production aspect of our service.

We have mentioned before that your LinkedIn profile photo is an essential part of our page as it is the first thing people will look at. We often undertake commissions where clients ask for various corporate headshots that can be used for different profiles. The LinkedIn profile photo is always mentioned, along with corporate website team page and then various pitch documents and press releases. When we capture the original headshots, we shoot at 300dpi so the images will always be usable in any media. We then process them down to 72dpi, so they are screen-friendly and can be uploaded to LinkedIn without having any size issues. Also, the camera captures files at a 2 to 3 ratio, and we then reformat the images to a square crop, so they fit the LinkedIn profile photo shape. When we capture the headshots, we tend to shoot a little wider to capture most of the head and torso and allow for added space around the person. This is because occasionally the portrait is to be used in a magazine article, so the graphic designer wants to add copy on the photo. If we shoot the headshot as it would be used on LinkedIn, then the crop would be too tight. You can always crop in but much more difficult to crop out. So, for this reason, we ask clients to pick a hand full of favourites from the photoshoot. We then retouch, airbrush and add a pure white background and if they are being used for LinkedIn, we do a tight crop on the headshot so that it fits perfectly as a LinkedIn profile photo.

London corporate headshot for LinkedIn profile photoLinkedin profile photo cropped with white background