How we decided to run a corporate video on our London photography website homepage.

We are in the process of revamping our website and our web designers came up with a suggestion to have a video on our homepage showing how we supply our corporate headshot photography services in London.

Although we shoot corporate video for our clients a large percentage of our work is still photography and it felt a little uneasy not have still photographs on our homepage. We decided to put together a video featuring our photographers working with clients in their offices. We also shot some City footage to give the video a sense of location and to show we travel to different areas of London.

We kept the video fairly short as it was to be a quick introduction to our services and was going to be looped on our homepage. We are pleased with the outcome and will be adding it to our website in the near future.

Corporate Photographers London from Corporate Photography London

Our only other dilemma was that we had to feature our corporate video services on our site and we did not feel the homepage video was suitable to illustrate this as although it was video it featured us being still photographers.

In the end we put together footage we had shot for clients over recent years and made this our corporate video section on the revamped website. This needed to be more generic footage of meetings, clients talking to camera, graphics we have added to corporate video, company offices in use, clients being interviewed, close ups of office working environment and corporate events.

With the advent of professional DSLRs we have the ability to capture good website quality video in tandem with still photography. We have seen clients adding more video to their websites as the cost of commissioning the services is becoming more affordable and easier to show.

Corporate Video in London from Corporate Photography London

Please get in touch if you need any further information about our corporate video and London photography.