We posted before about adding different background to a corporate headshot in post production. I thought this would be a good point to show how popular this service has become as clients often require the office backgrounds in their headshots but for various reasons do not want to have the shoot take place in their offices. In these instances we capture the headshots at our Beech Street studio and then add a new background in post production. We give clients wide selection to see which they prefer and how the headshot works best taking into account light and colour balance.

These are a recent shoot and you can see how we have blended headshots and backgrounds to try and make the photograph look natural and also fresh and contemporary.

Selection of corporate headshots with different London office background

Out of these eight I prefer the last two corporate headshots as the backgrounds seem to compliment the client. The image 7 with the greenish tint gives the portrait a softer feel and image 8 is a stronger portrait with the backdrop bolder and with diagonal elements.

Moving on we captures some office style corporate portraits for the same client and then again added a selection of different backgrounds. To achieve this we found that the wider the portrait the harder it was to add the correct backgrounds.

Selection of corporate headshots with different London office background

Out of the four above we feel that the second image works best as a deeper and more 3D background has a beneficial effect on the corporate portrait. The other 3 styles although perfectly acceptable do not have the same quality which creates less of an interest for the viewer.

Lastly we worked on some much wider photographs for the client and with these we found that these worked with with backgrounds that have elements of perspective in them and showed more detail in them ie more realistic images of London offices and views through windows.

Selection of corporate headshots with different London office background

We feel that all four of these work and interestingly they are all very different in content but have good strong visual impact which really benefits the corporate portrait and makes it much better than a simple white background.

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