We have our studio in Beech Street which is ideal for individuals needing a new LinkedIn or corporate headshot. If a client asks us to photograph large numbers of staff and directors then having them all come to our studio is a logistic nightmare and becomes very expensive and time consuming for the client. We now have a mobile photographic studio which we can set up in any London offices. Clients sometimes ask if the headshots will be the same quality and we can assure them that they will be identical as we are using the same equipment for both studio and office locations. In most commissions, we need 10 minutes to set up and then the same to break down the kit. Generally, we can capture ten peoples’ headshots in an hour so the savings for the client are significant.

We are careful to avoid producing the same standard headshot which can be easily done if you are setting up the same lighting and backgrounds on a regular basis. We always attempt to personalise each client’s headshots by using any of their office’s good features. If we see an interesting corporate office with good features we will suggest using this as the background or if the offices have good windows with soft natural light we will balance this with our studio lighting to create a working environment headshot backdrop.

With our mobile photographic studio, some clients know exactly what they require. It is often a pure white background and clean and crisp studio lighting with soft shadows. These are very popular on LinkedIn as it makes the person’s profile page look professional. If the corporate headshots are to be used on the ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ companies website page then we normally capture them with a white background so if the client wants a corporate colour we can add this in post-production.

Below are some images that have been taken from our website promo showing us at work in clients offices. If you have any questions or would be interested in talking to us about a commission please get in touch.

Corporate Headshots in London Offices with our Mobile Photographic Studio. 2 Corporate Headshots in London Offices with our Mobile Photographic Studio. 1