Virtual LinkedIn Headshots

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We have been looking at ways we can help our clients maintain their corporate profile photos over the period of Lockdown. There are several ways this can be done and we have decided on the following process.

Virtual LinkedIn headshots.

Step 1.

Use a digital camera with a long lens. If you do not have a camera use an iPhone to capture your headshot. If you can get someone else to take the picture then position yourself in front of a window. Ideally, it is north facing as you want soft even lighting on your face. Do not stand in direct sunlight. If you are doing a selfie do not hold the phone. Use the timer option on your camera app and put the phone on a pile of books so that it is the same height as your head. Please set the phone or camera so that you are capturing high res files. Try and stand so that the background is not too busy behind you. You want to end up with something like the below.

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots London

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 1

Step 2. Email your preferred headshot or selfie to  along with any retouching or airbrushing directions. We then take the image into post-production and cut you off the original background and replace it with a white web-friendly backdrop. The headshot is also cropped to a square format. This instantly improves the image.

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 2

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 2

Step 3. We now retouch and airbrush any spots, wrinkles and blemishes along with any heavy shadows. This is done subtly so that the finished Virtual LinkedIn headshot does not look false or over photoshopped. We also even out colour balance and any contrast issues.

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 3

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 3.

Step 4. You have a good professional-looking headshot at step 3 but you can take things a little further by adding any background you require. Popular is a London skyline which associates with working in The City. Other options are corporate colours or modern office interiors.

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 4

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 4

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 5

Virtual LinkedIn Headshots 5





February 2, 2021

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