When you commission a corporate headshot shoot with us we include free professional editing. We do advise our clients to make full use of this service as we have years of experience and you will be pleased with the results. Good headshot editing should be subtle and ideally, nobody looking at your new headshot should be able to see the edits or the retouching.

What is included in the free editing headshot service?

  1. Colour correction of the skin. Getting the tone of the face to look fresh and clean.
  2. Reducing any harsh shadows so that the face is not too contrasty.
  3. Subtle teeth whitening. We are careful not to make this look too obvious so we dial it down.
  4. Remove any bloodshot eye marks.
  5. Reducing bags under eyes. We do not remove them as this can make the person look odd.
  6. Remove any scars, spots, or defects on the skin.
  7. Tidy up any fly-away hairs.
  8. Remove any dandruff or stray hairs that are on suits and jackets.
  9. Remove any nasal or prominent ear hairs.
  10. Reduce shine on foreheads or bald heads.

Our experience as corporate headshot editors lets us know when to stop with our free editing. 90% of our clients let us edit and accept the work we do. In some instances, a client will have specific needs and we can attend to these. So after a commission with us please let us know if you have any requirements and we can edit these out for you. Your corporate headshot is your business shopfront and it is important that you are comfortable with the results.

Prior to the corporate headshot commission please check your hair and clothes just to make sure you are comfortable going into the shoot. We can do a lot of wonderful things with photoshop’s free editing services but changing your clothes is a step too far.

We can also add any background you require. Our most popular is the perfect white web-friendly background. Clean and crisp and perfect for LinkedIn profiles and company corporate websites.

Corporate headshot free editing service in London

Corporate headshot free editing sample.