London location headshots

London Transport PR Headshots

Recent commission for a solicitor based in Chancery Lane. He specialises in the railway sector and needed some London location headshots for PR and online profiles. © Corporate Photography Ltd  

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City Portrait Photography

Commission for a client who wanted to refresh his LinkedIn page with a relaxed London based headshot and for us to supply a banner image for his LinkedIn and Twitter profile page. © Corporate Photography London

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Corporate Headshot in Clerkenwell

Recent headshot commission for a client based in Clerkenwell. We incorporated their office building to give the portrait a sense of the client's London location. © Corporate Photography Ltd

Corporate Headshot in Clerkenwell2022-01-08T08:38:42+00:00

City LinkedIn Headshots

Recent commission for some individual clients who asked us to create a selection of City headshots for use on LinkedIn and other business social media sites. © Corporate Photography Ltd

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LinkedIn Profile Photos

Recent shoot for an individual who required a selection of studio style and location headshots for use on LinkedIn and to help with his online business profile. © Corporate Photography Ltd

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LinkedIn Location Headshot

Recent commissions for clients who asked us for LinkedIn profile photos which reflected that they worked in London. © Corporate Photography Ltd

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City Office Headshots

Commission for Tyser & Co Ltd at their offices in St Botolph Street. We have worked with them over the past few years capturing formal headshots of their staff and directors. On this recent shoot they asked us to change from the standard white background to a more contemporary office style background [...]

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Retail Headshot London

Commission for a client who required a London headshot with a subtle retail background. We shot this on the ground floor of One New Change and used the exterior lighting from the stores to create an interesting and slightly quirky backdrop for his LinkedIn profile photo. London location headshots © Corporate Photography [...]

Retail Headshot London2022-01-08T08:38:43+00:00

West End Business Portrait Photography

Commission for Lone Star Europe Acquisitions LLP at their offices in Queen Anne Street. They asked us to capture some formal headshots and some informal more relaxed meeting style portraits. The traditional headshots were for use in marketing material and the more candid style photos were to be used for business [...]

West End Business Portrait Photography2022-01-08T08:38:43+00:00

Corporate Photography in Shoreditch

Recent commission for Skopos who are based in Brune Street and they asked us to help them capture some images of the Shoreditch area and update their office photos for the new launch of their website. The client had spotted my photos of the Spitalfields area on Instagram. We are now featured [...]

Corporate Photography in Shoreditch2022-01-08T08:38:43+00:00
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