If you are not sure you want to spend £150 plus on a professional corporate headshot, then here are some reasons why it can help your business profile. Maybe you are a freelancer or run your own company and have spent plenty of time and money to ensure all achievements and goals are well-written and displayed for clients to admire. Imagine you are looking for a new job or pitching on a new project and your potential client likes what they are reading and hearing, and then they have a quick look at your LinkedIn profile page. This is where you get the benefit of having a professional corporate headshot. Your profile page looks complete and, more importantly, professional. Imagine you are looking for a new supplier, and you visit their Linkedin page, and the first thing you look at is their profile photo. If it has been taken on an iPhone by a friend or partner, then the profile page does not look professional.

Maybe you still need convincing why a professional corporate headshot is a good idea. OK, so you go out and buy a new outfit for work. Maybe it is for visiting clients or at a presentation and you turn up with a new outfit to look professional. Would you wear a pair of old trainers? Of course not, and this applies to your LinkedIn profile page. This is your business shop front. You need to tick all the boxes.

A professional corporate headshot allows you to dictate the kind of background you require. Most headshots have a white background. You can have the city you work as your background. A professional corporate photographer will have retouching skills, so in post-production, any blemishes can be removed, and the professional headshot will look fresh and tidy.

If you have a sample headshot you have already seen on someone else’s profile, then show this to the photographer as guidance for what you are after. Remember when you are commissioning a professional corporate headshot do not be afraid to have a list of art direction requirements so you end up looking like someone who is ideal to do business with.

Once you have your new headshot here is how to upload it to your LinkedIn profile page.

A professional corporate headshot with a London background.

A professional corporate headshot with a London background.