Why hire a Corporate Photographer?


Your company ends up with a professional photographic library to benefit and assist with your business marketing.


Too expensive.

The ideal situation for all corporate companies would be to have a professional photographer covering all their events and conferences, capturing quality headshots of all their staff and directors along with any new starters and creating stunning workplace images to show potential clients what a good business they are.

The reality is that marketing budgets are getting smaller and companies are restricted when they need to hire a corporate photographer. We fully understand this and appreciate the commissions that do come our way, but we still suggest that the most important thing for any company is to make sure the photographic images on their company website are of a high standard and look professional. The reason for this is that photos are the first thing web visitors will look at and quite simply, good images means a good first impression and vice versa.

When a client gets in touch with an interest to hire us for a commission we often go to their website to see what they are about and look at their current imagery. The majority of the time we see a well-designed website with good content apart from the photography which seems to have been added as a way of filling spaces. Poor library business images and low-quality profile photos for the ‘meet the team’ and ‘about us’ pages.

To hire a good corporate photographer for a half-day is not that expensive when you compare the benefits it will bring to your company website and therefore to your business. In a half-day, the photographer can capture your corporate headshots which you can also then use on LinkedIn, other business social media, in pitch documents and in email signatures and on business cards. They can capture some office imagery of staff and directors doing what they do best and giving potential clients a sense of your companies professionalism.

Corporate reportage photography in London offices

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