Last week we wrote about how Covid-19 had affected our corporate headshot service. This brought to mind the complete demise of our corporate event photography commissions and if things will ever return to normal. Many business practices are having to change due to Covid-19 and looking at the event, conference, and convention sector we know why these have stopped but will companies be in the position to bring them back. Also, businesses that have survived without hosting or attending events, will they need to go back to them at all. Hosting an event was an annual expense that was justified by the work it brought in and that your competitors would be doing them. Now with these costs removed from the marketing budget will companies look at other ways to stimulate business. Clearly, online services have increased during Covid-19 and companies might look to promote themselves in this way instead of physical corporate events. We wait to see if our corporate photography services will be involved with any future ways of creating online events but we do know how few event commissions we have booked for 2021.

What is the future of corproate event photography

corporate event photography London

Another aspect of the downturn with corporate event photography is that it also has affected our corporate headshot commissions. When companies staged an event or conference it was often the only time all their international directors and staff would be in the same place at the same time. This was an ideal time to bring in a photographer to capture a consistent library of business headshots and LinkedIn profile photos. In the past when working with London clients if they have international offices and wanted help from us to make their headshots all the same we would set a style for London and then write a style guide for the other photographers and then add a consistent background in post-production.

Looking to the future we can not see any obvious signs of corporate events returning but on the upside, we can begin to see companies finding new ways to marketing themselves and we hope our corporate photography services will be involved.