No need to travel to a studio

The days of going to a photography studio to have professional photos taken are all but over. The ability to utilise lighting props and technology mean that photos can be created with studio quality but without your team making a journey there. This means travel by multiple staff members does not need to happen. The fact that you can stay in your place of work without having to travel not only ensures limited movement but minimises inconvenience for you.

Safety protocols

Photographers adhered to current government guidance throughout the pandemic on social distancing, masks and hygiene procedures. When you are minimising travel by having the shoot at your place of work and designating an area for the photography, it’s simple for hygiene to be managed in a space that feels reassuring to those that are worried.

Whilst the vaccination program has clearly been rolled out efficiently and restrictions have lessened, we’re still being advised to be cautious. So how can we facilitate team photography and adhere to the latest guidance? The official line is that social distancing and masks are now only advisory but clearly some people will still be fearful and some businesses do not have full capacity in the office.

When a shoot is planned onsite by the people that know their team best, it is easy for them to find an appropriate space and reassure their staff that our photographer will slot in to their guidance.

How technology helps

The way that we are able to create corporate photography efficiently without the need for a studio is a massive advantage. Our technology is relevant in that it does not matter where the subject is situated, we can insert a background that suits regardless of where the image was taken. This means you are not limited by current working practice if your team is spaced out in the office as we can provide the right lighting for them to stay in their working area without having to worry about the background. We have an extensive range of backdrops that can be inserted post production that will create the right visual message for your photography.

End of furlough

With many now being asked to return to work 2 or 3 days a week and furlough ending this month, September is looking like the month when most people return to the city. Whilst some may argue that they have been productive working remotely there are many of the big players who contend that face to face interaction is critical in learning roles and being mentored. Whilst he has softened his stance slightly, James Gorman the CEO of Morgan Stanley, still places huge value on watching senior staff and being mentored in the office. When big hitters such as Morgan Stanley make this statement, we can expect other financial institutions to follow suit and therefore look forward to team photography taking place once again in the heart of the City of London.