If you are considering commissioning corporate headshots for your company or simply an individual who requires a professional LinkedIn headshot then please consider our mobile studio set up service at your London offices.

Most of our individual headshots are captured at our Beech St studio space but the majority of our company corporate headshot commissions are undertaken at client’s London offices. We have a mobile studio set up that has all the advantages of a traditional photographic studio along with the benefit that the staff and directors do not need to leave their office.

We have a short promotional video showing how are corporate photographers work in London offices and this shows how we can set up in any kind of conventional office space.

Studio set up in London offices is 10 mins and the breakdown of the kit is the same. We aim to capture a person’s headshots in 5 to 10 mins with a good variety and the benefit of the person being able to review the headshots at the end of each session.

As standard, we will set up a white background but can also bring a dark background if preferred. We do not carry a large range of colours with us as this is impractical and we can add any colour in post-production. Our lighting set up is a flash system with large softboxes and reflective umbrellas. This produces a flattering light which is colour balanced to warm daylight and gives all skin colours a healthy appearance.

If you have an office interior which you would like to feature in the portraits we use the same lighting system but will feature an office environment in the background.

Professional photographic lighting for corporate headshot in London offices.

Our clients see the benefits of this as their people are not out of the office for long periods as they travel across London to get to our studio. Some will ask if they have their headshot captured in our studio will the outcome be better but we can assure them that studio and office headshots have identical high-quality results.