Office Headshots with Corporate Backgrounds

Selection of backgrounds that can be added to your corporate headshot.

  1. We capture your headshot at your office or our studio

headshot taken in London office

2. We then subtly retouch the headshot.

retouched corporate headshots

3. Then we add the background of your choice.


corporate headshot with London office background

London City background

corporate headshot with added London City view

Your corporate branding colour

London headshot with corporate colours in background

We can add company logo to your headshot.

company logo added to corporate LinkedIn headshots

Corporate Photography Ltd.

This process is part of our individual corporate headshot package. £100 plus VAT.

Pre Shoot Procedure.

Please wear something you are comfortable in and avoid wearing white shirts if you are not going to be wearing a jacket as they appear too bright in the final images and can look washed out.

Please advise us if you have a certain style or background you require for your headshot and if it has a particular usage. Unless otherwise directed we will replicate the style found on our website.

Shoot Procedure.

It takes 10 mins to set up equipment and normally 15-20 mins per person for a portfolio of approx 20 images. Within these 20 photographs we will do a variety of poses and expressions so you have a good choice to select from.

Post Shoot Procedure.

We will email you a full portfolio of preview images with our invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will email a high res image download link.

After you have made a selection of 5 images from the high res please email the original file numbers to us and we will standard retouch the images and return them.