Corporate event and conference photography in London is one of our main photographic sectors. Over the recent years we have seen a decline in commissions which is down to our clients spending less on marketing due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Although businesses still have events they are skimping on the professional photography and relying on staff and guests to capture images on phones etc. This is more than evident when we look at press releases from past events and see poorly captured event photos.

To encourage clients to go with a professional corporate photographer at their next event we are offering extra services so they see it as great value at the same rates we always charge. We now offer a corporate events video service which can run parallel to our photographic service. With modern DSLRs we can capture excellent video clips which can easily be used on the company website to illustrate the event to a professional standard. Video clips showing a wide view of the event are excellent along with general clips of people communicating and enjoying listening to business advice. Sound can be captured using professional microphone so you can have a good record of the presentations and the key speakers.

We also offer a corporate headshot service at events and conferences. Often companies have remote workers or international offices and it is only at their events that all these people come together. We can set up or mobile studio and capture your entire company at an event. Ideal for LinkedIn profiles so that you can ensure all your staff and directors have a good corporate portrait to keep things consistent and professional.

To make sure the images are a benefit to the client we offer a online preview gallery and with a secure password so the company can allow guests and staff to view all the images and video and also download to then use the content as part of social media promotions and for advertising the event for next year.

As we have a great team of corporate photographers so we can cover any size event which we have found can be very handy on large day and evening conferences which can have several speakers in different locations and break out groups happening simultaneously.

Professional corporate event and conference photography samples.

Corporate conference photographer in London

Good wide photo showing the guests and speaker with a team based theme showing on the screen.

Corporate event photographer in London

Detail photograph of corporate awards to be presented to the winners at a London business meeting.

Corporate conference photographer in London

Photograph of a key speaker captured in action as he talks to his interested audience. This was taken using a long lens with a good wide aperture so it could work in poor lighting. Events are often lit with a low light to allow for the projectors and stage lighting.

Corporate event photography in London

Investor day photograph capture with a good wide angle lens to make sure we got the whole panel in the image.

Corporate events photographer in London

Fast shutter and wide long lens allow for bright crisp images of staff and guests enjoying your event.

Corporate conference photographer in London

Professional lighting allows for a great team photo and keeps the atmosphere of the event venue’s lighting and decor.

corporate event headshots in London

Top quality corporate headshot captured at your London event for all staff, directors and offer the service to guests as well.

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