I have written before about the benefits of hiring a corporate photographer and would like to discuss the merits of getting a professional LinkedIn photo for your profile page.

After searching for examples of professional LinkedIn photos I came to the understanding that anyone searching the same was being given endless headshots against a white background or some tips on how to take a headshot with your phone. This made me think that once an individual or company decide to hire a professional photographer that we should look at the variety of LinkedIn headshots that can be achieved rather than just the headshot with a default white background.

Above are two great LinkedIn headshots which have been professionally taken. A decent portrait lens has been used and good soft lighting with a quality colour balance. We have applied a white web friendly background in post production which is an essential if you want your LinkedIn photo to look crisp and sharp.

Below we have added a London cityscape to give the headshot a interesting background and to show where you are based. This is produced in editing after the shoot so anyone commissions a pro LinkedIn headshot could request this option.

Continuing on the London theme some people prefer to get out of the studio or office and feel more relaxed outside for their photo. This does create a few headaches for the professional photographer as they are unable to control weather conditions but it can often result in a strong LinkedIn photo.

Often companies want the professional photographer to come to their offices. The first questions we are asked is can we bring a white background for their staff headshots. We can always do this for you but lets consider using your office as a background for the LinkedIn photos. Clients often say their office is messy or needs decorating but a professional can hide all the imperfections and use elements to benefit the headshot. Blurry backgrounds, using subtle shades and exposing tones.

Lastly lets look at my favourite still of headshot the reportage photo. Very rarely used on LinkedIn as they are a little less conventional and you need a professional photographer with the correct lens and plenty of experience in capturing this style. These are great for showing people’s personalities and where they work. Full of character and gives the LinkedIn visitor to your profile page a glimpse into your working world.

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