Over the years, we have helped many clients with their LinkedIn London headshot. This style is capturing their profile photo in an area of London that is local to their business, or they want to show they are located in London. Although we enjoy these commissions, they can be a little tricky to pull off at times. You have to contend with the weather. Rain and high winds mean the commission is postponed which often happens with the British climate. You are also having to deal with a great number of people wandering in on the shoot and white delivery vans almost always arrive once you have sent up. For these reasons, we suggested that we take the headshots in our studio or at their offices and add a cityscape background in post-production.

LinkedIn headshot capturing outside with social distancing being observed.LinkedIn headshot

As we move forward with the Covid vaccination and things start to improve with people going back to work in London, the first step for clients who require a new profile photo¬†would be a LinkedIn London headshot. We think that for many months, even years, people’s memory of the Covid-19 disaster will change people habits into being cautious about contact with people and keeping the risk at a minimum. Capturing their headshot outside in the fresh air will be more appealing than going to a studio or inviting the photographer into their offices. We have written before the fact that we can maintain a two-metre distance when capturing a headshot as we use long portrait lens which means we have to stand at least three meters back from the sitter to get the focal benefit from a long portrait lens.

Past LinkedIn London headshot commissions have been mainly taken around The City and West End of London. We suggest that looking forward we will see commissions taken outside the client’s offices. This is because they will not have to travel to far for the headshot and that they can rotate staff when we are capturing numerous people. Another nice touch is that we can have a corporate logo or colours included in the background. Please get in touch to discuss any future commissions.