We often get asked to capture client’s LinkedIn headshots in The City and this always flags up the same discussion. The client assumes that we will take the headshots in the centre of The City maybe near the Bank of England or a similar City landmark. This makes perfect sense until you take into account our long portrait lens and the fact that most City buildings are very high so taking the headshot at street level means we would have to point the camera up at a 45% angle to get the buildings in and this would be a very odd angle for a headshot. We show clients where our previous website samples were captured and arrange to meet them out of The City. We have various locations that we use so that you can get a good position for the headshot and have a backdrop of The City skyline.

We often capture from the south side of the River Thames looking back over the river to the tall buildings and landmarks.

LinkedIn Headshots featuring St Paul's in London sample 1

LinkedIn Headshot Photographer London

LinkedIn Headshots featuring St Paul's in London sample 2

London based LinkedIn Photographer

LinkedIn Headshots featuring St Paul's in London sample 3

The samples above were all captured on or near the Millennium Bridge as this gives an uninterrupted view of the City buildings and a great area to set up for a relaxed LinkedIn headshot.

LinkedIn Headshots in The City of London sample 4

This sample was captured near More London and gives a great view of the cityscape along with plenty of space for us to capture the LinkedIn headshot and set up off-camera fill-in lighting to level out shadows.

LinkedIn Headshots with added Cityscape in post-production samples 5

We do have to provide another service as the British weather often intervenes and causes us to have to cancel London location shoots. The sample above is created in post-production and we add City backgrounds to create LinkedIn headshots in The City.

LinkedIn Headshots captured near Cornhill sample 6

If the client wants a certain street or building featured in the headshot then we can do this but as you see from the sample above this greatly restricts the view of the City and the viewer would need to know this street well to recognize it as The City of London.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and the best location for your London LinkedIn headshot.