Rates charged for different corporate photography services.

In our last post, we discussed corporate photographer prices and how best photographers can set the correct costs for their photography. This leads on to another subject as photography rates can vary depending on which service you are supplying the client.

To help us discuss this point we will breakdown the corporate photography services into three sectors. These are events, headshots and reportage/lifestyle.

Let us start with corporate event photography. This needs to be charged out at the lower end of the client’s budget as this requires the least amount of professional photography kit. A good camera and variety of Lens and with a mobile flash system. For these reasons, you will have more photographers available and competing for work. Events taking place during the working day can be charged out slightly higher but evening and weekend events can be covered by keen amateurs and for that reason, if you want to compete you need your rates to be lower than other services.

corporate event photography rates in London

The second service I would like to look at is corporate headshots and portraits. These carry a greater need for professional lighting, background rigs, studio rates, moving large amounts of kit around London which will require more expensive travel. For these reasons corporate headshot rates are higher and vary greatly depending on what style and set up the client requires. What I mean by this is that if an individual wants a London location headshot with The City in the background then the photographer will only need a camera and some fill-in flash. However, if an individual requires a full studio set up with a background and diffused flash lighting in a hire studio then the costs incurred by the photographer are going to push the second option in a higher price bracket.

Of course, there are factors that can fluctuate prices but on the whole, clients will need to pay more for a professional corporate headshot at a studio or at their offices.

corporate headshots rates London

The last corporate photography service is reportage or lifestyle. This is interesting as two factors come into play here. You do not need much professional photography kit but you will spend much more time on this style of service and you will need to be very experienced to create a good library of corporate reportage photographs. Capturing reportage of natural photographs of people working in a corporate environment means spending time watching out for interesting images, spotting potential moments and being aware of situations that might bring together a generic corporate photograph. This all takes plenty of time and as photographers charge out for their time this will make reportage a more expensive option for clients.

corporate reportage photography rates in London

corporate reportage photography London

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