Braiform contacted us and said their Global Board Members were meeting in North Acton London and thought that this would be a good opportunity to have everyone together and to get updated corporate headshots taken. Dan did this shoot and he focused on the lighting and the white background was added in post production.

We would class these corporate headshots captured at their Acton offices as formal and based on the accepted standard of a business portrait. The white background is often asked for when profile photos are being used for LinkedIn. We can offer no known explanation why the white background is standard and the most commonly requested by our clients. It might have originated from passport requirements as the background does not interfere with the subject matter and remains neutral.

As businesses move forward with social media marketing we see clients beginning to see the background as a possible was to include their corporate branding colours or project a different image by using a less formal style of corporate headshots. These can vary from a simple office background giving the subject a working environment either natural reportage photo or looking to camera in a posed way. Some headshots are captured outside which places the subject in context of where they work in the world. Also with post production allowing us to add any background/colour to a headshot the possibilities are endless but with saying all the 90% of our headshot commissions have a white background. Established businesses often want to look current and in step with competitors so maybe the white background will be the top choice for years to come.

We are not based in Acton but near the Barbican and we travel to all areas of London within the M25.

business headshots in North Acton London

business director headshot in North London

Professional business headshots in North London

business headshots in North Acton London

business headshots in North London

Please get in touch and we can talk you through our various headshot options. We offered our Acton client approx 20-30 headshots per person with a variety of poses and expressions so you have a good range to choose your favourites from. Then we retouch and airbrush these in a 48 hour window and return them to you ready for use.

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