As we begin to return to what is being called the ‘new normal’ we hope to see a revival in our corporate headshots commissions in London. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we observed Government rules and only undertook post-production headshot photography work. Now as clients are returning to their offices and wanting to update their staff profiles and refresh their corporate websites we are seeing a rise in demand for our headshot service. We have put in place measures to adhere to Government Covid-19 safety measures and observe our clients requests when entering their offices. Our photographers carry PPE and at our Beech St studio space, we use a larger room now when capturing headshots so we can maintain a 2-metre distance between people. Although a headshot is by definition a close up of a person with our long portrait lens we can easily keep a 2-metre distance from our subject while capturing a quality portrait. Currently, if we have a commission at a client’s offices we will undertake the work if we can capture their corporate headshots or business photography in an area large enough to maintain social distancing. To date, this has worked well although we are not turning around many commissions at the moment and this seems to be one of the reasons.

Sample of corporate headshot captured using Long lens maintaining social distancing.

Corporate headshot London captured with social distancing.

Corporate Headshots during Covid-19 have been very limited but looking forward to 2021 we as many businesses hope to see a return to normal working practises and with the introduction of a vaccine this week maybe that might be possible. Currently with a lot of uncertainty about future Covid-19 safety practises we can not be sure when our corporate photography commissions will reach the level they were a year ago and we fear that the damage this disease has done to our economy will see businesses struggle for the foreseeable future. As our work was mainly commissioned by companies and individuals who want to improve their online business profiles and marketing was an area of their business that was put on hold during Covid-19. A small glimmer of light on the horizon for all marketing businesses is that once we emerge from the virus then we will see the return of companies wanting to improve their profiles and image in their business sectors. Please get in touch if you need any further information on how we can safely help you capture corporate headshots during Covid-19 and with your photographic marketing.