Going to look at how we used our own corporate headshot tips and ideas using post-production to meet our client’s requirements on a recent commission.

Our client got in touch asking us to photograph a new employee and the corporate headshot had to match the style of their other staff headshots on their ‘About Us’ page. These were all taken outside their London offices with their building in the background. Normally this would have been a pretty standard commission for us, but the current Covid 19 situation meant that all their staff were working from home and their building was actually closed. I mentioned this to the client suggesting that if we tried the same type of headshot at the person’s home it would not look like a corporate background and therefore it would be better to photograph the new employee on a white background and we could add a corporate building in post-production. Following our own corporate headshot tips published earlier on this blog, the client agreed to this but suggested we do some with their home as well just in case it worked out ok.

As predicted the background was not suitable for the headshot and we captured the new employee on a white background.

Corporate Headshot Tips sample 1

We have a photo library of different buildings and streets around The City and West London. We sorted through and found a couple of London office buildings that we could drop in behind the employee headshot. When mentioning corporate headshot tips and adding backgrounds the most important thing is that the viewer must not be able to see what you have done. We tend to blur the office building background to various degrees until it looks perfect and blends with the depth of field you would get from a lens if it was a real photograph.

Corporate Headshot Tips sample 2

The client was delighted with the outcome and even though we had extra post-production work at no charge we enjoyed the challenge and pleasing a client in these difficult times for businesses.