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LinkedIn London Headshot

Over the years, we have helped many clients with their LinkedIn London headshot. This style is capturing their profile photo in an area of London that is local to their business, or they want to show they are located in London. Although we enjoy these commissions, they can be a little [...]

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Corporate Photography Prices.

Corporate Photography Prices. This has always been a tricky one for any corporate photographer or any type photographer, how much should you charge? I certainly do not have the correct answer but I can review my experiences with clients and other corporate photographer prices over many years. When we used to [...]

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Corporate Headshot with London Office Background

We posted before about adding different background to a corporate headshot in post production. I thought this would be a good point to show how popular this service has become as clients often require the office backgrounds in their headshots but for various reasons do not want to have the shoot [...]

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London Corporate Event Photographer

Corporate event and conference photography in London is one of our main photographic sectors. Over the recent years we have seen a decline in commissions which is down to our clients spending less on marketing due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Although businesses still have events they are skimping on the professional [...]

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Headshots with Photoshopped London Backgrounds

Another commission for our client Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP at their offices in Fleet Place. The first time we were commissioned by them to do some headshots using the City view from their offices we had great weather in July. This was not the case this month and we decided it [...]

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Corporate Office Interiors

Collection of recent interior shoots for City clients who asked us to capture some interior photographs for website use. Corporate Photography Ltd

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Fly On The Wall Office Photography

Commission for Sumitomo Corporation Europe Ltd who asked us to capture some 'fly on the wall' photography at their offices in Vintners Place on Upper Thames Street. Our photographer Jason had worked with Sumitomo before and had captured a range of headshots for their online marketing. These were to be used on their [...]

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Superimposed City Background

Shoot for Bruton Capital LLP who asked us to photograph their directors and then drop them onto a City background. They were pleased with the results and then asked us to superimpose some of their European directors onto a range of different backgrounds. © Corporate Photography Ltd.

Superimposed City Background2022-01-08T08:38:41+00:00

Business Magazine Photography

Commission for The Big Partnership Agency who asked us to take some portraits for The Glasgow Herald Business Magazine who were running a feature on a Scottish developer who was now working in London. © Corporate Photography Ltd.

Business Magazine Photography2022-01-08T08:38:41+00:00

City Location Headshots

Commission from Syndicate Room Ltd to photograph three directors of a company they are helping to promote. These were taken in The City and were being used to market the individuals as a London business. © Corporate Photography Ltd

City Location Headshots2022-01-08T08:38:41+00:00
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