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Corporate Management Photography

Recent shoot for Penna who are a London based global management business with offices across the UK. These images were captured for their website at their London offices in Gracechurch Street and Fleet Place. We spent several days sitting in on meetings and attending training sessions with a result we collected a wide selection of corporate reportage images for their company library.

London office management photos

London corporate management photos

London corporate company photography

London corporate consultant photography

London corporate management photography

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Generic Corporate Images

These were captured on a recent commission for CEO Magazine. They asked us to take some generic corporate photos at the offices where we were shooting the portraits for their large magazine article. This out of focus style of photography, known as bokeh means that the image only suggests ideas and locations and does not illustrate as a normal photograph would. We have been asked to shoot these for various London clients who have used them on websites as backgrounds and on business social media as corporate banner images.

corporate generic imagery for websites

London corporate generic images for websites

corporate generic photography in London

corporate generic photos for websites

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Contemporary Office Photography

This style of relaxed office portraits has become very contemporary recently and allows you to show your staff and directors in their natural office environment. This gives the perception of opening up your business to current and potential clients and letting them see the ‘real’ people inside the company.

Environmental office photography in London

Environmental office photography in London

Environmental office photography in London

corporate people photography in London offices

corporate people photography in London offices

Natural office corporate photography 1

Natural office corporate photography 2

Corporate meeting photos London

Natural office corporate photography 1

corporate people photography in London offices-1

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Corporate Workplace Photography

Recent commission for Client Server Ltd at their offices in Esher and in Old Jewry in The City. We shoot a wide variety of corporate images for their rebranding including headshots of all staff and directors, office architecture, and as featured here workplace photos of their people  in their London offices.

staff working in London offices

reportage corporate photography London

generic corporate website photography

generic modern corporate office photography

reporage corporate office photos

Reportage director corporate photos

Generic corporate office imagery London

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