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Corporate Headshot Options

How we can offer a variety of corporate headshot options by creating alternatives in post-production. If we capture your corporate or LinkedIn headshot or you can supply us with your current profile photo we can create a variety of different styles for you from the single headshot. This is how it [...]

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Professional Corporate Headshots In Your London Offices.

If you are considering commissioning corporate headshots for your company or simply an individual who requires a professional LinkedIn headshot then please consider our mobile studio set up service at your London offices. Most of our individual headshots are captured at our Beech St studio space but the majority of our [...]

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Corporate Portrait Photography with Blurred Backgrounds in London Offices.

It can often be assumed that corporate portraits and headshots need to be taken with a white background. Most clients that get in touch with us will book us to come along to their offices and ask if we can bring a background as their offices are not that modern or [...]

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Corporate Headshot with London Office Background

We posted before about adding different background to a corporate headshot in post production. I thought this would be a good point to show how popular this service has become as clients often require the office backgrounds in their headshots but for various reasons do not want to have the shoot [...]

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LinkedIn Professional Photo

I have written before about the benefits of hiring a corporate photographer and would like to discuss the merits of getting a professional LinkedIn photo for your profile page. After searching for examples of professional LinkedIn photos I came to the understanding that anyone searching the same was being given endless [...]

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Why Hire a Corporate Photographer?

Why you should consider hiring a corporate photographer to benefit your marketing material. Basic corporate photography is used by companies to show their offices and staff are a professional business. A corporate website without any photography is not a good marketing plan as people tend to trust images and the old [...]

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Studio Headshots on Location in London

Samples of recent corporate studio headshots captured on location in London offices using our professional mobile studio system. Over the last year we have been building up our mobile studio set up so we can produce 'studio' style headshots at any location in London. Although this means lugging a little more [...]

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Corporate Headshots in Acton London

Braiform contacted us and said their Global Board Members were meeting in North Acton London and thought that this would be a good opportunity to have everyone together and to get updated corporate headshots taken. Dan did this shoot and he focused on the lighting and the white background was added in post [...]

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West Hampstead Developer’s Offices New Website Photography

Commission for First Urban who were planning a new website and required some headshots and office shots. Dan covered this shoot and made us of the white interior and the clean space © Corporate Photography London

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Office Headshots with Corporate Backgrounds

Selection of backgrounds that can be added to your corporate headshot. 1. We capture your headshot at your office using our mobile studio set up. 2. We then subtly retouch the headshot. 3. Then we add the background of your choice. Office London City background Your corporate branding colour We can [...]

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