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Studio Headshots on Location in London

Samples of recent corporate headshots captured on location in London offices using our professional mobile studio system.

Mobile studio headshots in London

Mobile studio headshots in London

Mobile studio headshots in London

Mobile studio headshots in London

Mobile studio headshots in London

Over the last year we have been building up our mobile studio set up so we can produce ‘studio’ style headshots at any location in London. Although this means lugging a little more kit around it enables us to capture contemporary headshots at client’s offices or individual’s homes. We have found that many businesses prefer the formal headshot but need to have a photographer visit them as taking employees away from their office interferes with the running of their business. We come on site and it takes approx 10-15 minutes to set up the background and the professional lighting. We can then capture a good range of portraits for each member of staff which gives a much more polished look to the company website ‘About Us’ page.

With many companies having remote workers and employees in different offices around the UK and across the globe, sometimes a conference or AGM is the only time everyone gets together in one place. We are often asked to take headshots on these occasions and they are normally at a function centre or hotel in London. With our mobile studio kit we can set up in a spare room and capture uniformed and consistent styles of headshots to either match existing current headshots or create a new look for the client.

Getting professional business portraits for your company has become a major factor in marketing as potential customers want to see who they are dealing with on your website or LinkedIn profile. Our studio system allows you to capture up to 60 staff in one day and we provide a pop back service to photograph any staff who were not in the office that day.

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Approachable & Professional Headshots.

Corporate headshots – The professional and approachable style.

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.

Corporate headshots. The professional and approachable style.


These headshots were taken for a client who wanted to look professional and approachable. This is a request we get frequently and it can be quite hard to pin down exactly the style the client is hoping to receive. We quoted on a shoot recently and sent over some sample headshots. When we asked if the samples meet with their requirements the client mentioned that they were really good but they were not what they were looking for as the men in the headshots had ties on. We now class the ‘professional & approachable’ style as smart relaxed headshots without a tie.

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Corporate Headshots North Acton

Braiform contacted us and said their Global Board Members were meeting in North Acton London and thought that this would be a good opportunity to have everyone together and to get updated corporate headshots taken. Dan did this shoot and he focused on the lighting and the white background was added in post production.

business headshots in North Acton London

business portrait photography 2017 20

business portrait photography 2017 107

business portrait photography 2017 87

business portrait photography 2017 142

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Office Headshots with Corporate Backgrounds

Selection of backgrounds that can be added to your corporate headshot.

  1. We capture your headshot at your office using our mobile studio set up.

headshot taken in London office

2. We then subtly retouch the headshot.

retouched corporate headshots

3. Then we add the background of your choice.


corporate headshot with London office background

London City background

corporate headshot with added London City view

Your corporate branding colour

London headshot with corporate colours in background

We can add company logo to your headshot.

company logo added to corporate LinkedIn headshots

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