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Working with us at Corporate Photography London

We often receive emails from photographers who are looking to start working with us. If the photographer has a good portfolio which has some decent portrait work in it, we go one to discuss how we undertake commissions and what their role would be. In an ideal world, we could pass [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Photo.

The importance of using a good quality Linkedin profile photo. As we come to the end of the first week of the 2021 lockdown we can safely say that our corporate photography service is struggling. The majority of our clients are based in The City and West End of London, and [...]

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Corporate Photography in 2021

What is the future for Corporate Photography in 2021? Here we are at the start of the working week in 2021. Depending on your business sector things are going to be a lot different for some businesses. We felt the slow down at the beginning of 2020 with the Brexit talks, [...]

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Capturing Corporate Headshots in London Offices

On average, 75% of our headshot commissions are captured in our client's London offices. This is mainly because businesses do not want their staff and directors travelling across London to a studio and losing valuable working hours away from their desks. So we have a mobile studio set up that we [...]

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Professional Corporate Headshots In Your London Offices.

If you are considering commissioning corporate headshots for your company or simply an individual who requires a professional LinkedIn headshot then please consider our mobile studio set up service at your London offices. Most of our individual headshots are captured at our Beech St studio space but the majority of our [...]

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Why hire a Corporate Photographer?

Why hire a Corporate Photographer? Pros Your company ends up with a professional photographic library to benefit and assist with your business marketing. Cons Too expensive. The ideal situation for all corporate companies would be to have a professional photographer covering all their events and conferences, capturing quality headshots of all [...]

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Retouching Corporate Headshots

With all our corporate headshot commissions in London, we offer free post-production work which includes retouching or as it used to be known airbrushing. Most post-production work is adjusting levels and making sure backgrounds are consistent and reformating files which is simply a process. However, when you come to retouching a [...]

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Advice on Becoming a Corporate Photographer

On a weekly basis, we receive emails from graduate or young amateur photographers asking us for advice on how to become a corporate photographer. We reply by asking for samples of their photography and if they have had any experience in corporate work. The majority of the email replies have no [...]

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Corporate Photography Rates

Rates charged for different corporate photography services. In our last post, we discussed corporate photographer prices and how best photographers can set the correct costs for their photography. This leads on to another subject as photography rates can vary depending on which service you are supplying the client. To help us [...]

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Corporate Portrait Photography with Blurred Backgrounds in London Offices.

It can often be assumed that corporate portraits and headshots need to be taken with a white background. Most clients that get in touch with us will book us to come along to their offices and ask if we can bring a background as their offices are not that modern or [...]

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