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What Now For Our Corporate Event Photography?

Last week we wrote about how Covid-19 had affected our corporate headshot service. This brought to mind the complete demise of our corporate event photography commissions and if things will ever return to normal. Many business practices are having to change due to Covid-19 and looking at the event, conference, and convention [...]

What Now For Our Corporate Event Photography?2022-01-08T08:38:40+00:00

Advice on Becoming a Corporate Photographer

On a weekly basis, we receive emails from graduate or young amateur photographers asking us for advice on how to become a corporate photographer. We reply by asking for samples of their photography and if they have had any experience in corporate work. The majority of the email replies have no [...]

Advice on Becoming a Corporate Photographer2022-01-08T08:38:40+00:00

London Corporate Event Photographer

Corporate event and conference photography in London is one of our main photographic sectors. Over the recent years we have seen a decline in commissions which is down to our clients spending less on marketing due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Although businesses still have events they are skimping on the professional [...]

London Corporate Event Photographer2022-01-08T08:38:41+00:00
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